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Meet Zhang Xiaoying, be brave to face challenges and explore the unbeaten path


Zhang Xiaoying, Manager of Cell Development Department, Vazyme, shares her story about grow together with Vazyme for past 9 years. As a team leader, what she really enjoys is doing things that people have not done before and pushing the technological boundaries even further.

Meet Huang Juan, find the brightest star, both in work and life.


"My little boy says I'm the best mom ever." Huang Juan, the head of the Production Technology Department at Vazyme, shares her story as a mom of two children and a successful career woman. The value of life lies in constant challenges. Each of roles has led her to explore new areas in the life and work.

All About Father —— the stories they share


As long as you work hard toward your dream and always with the expectation of life, then you will eventually arrive at a full harvest autumn. Watch the video, see how Dr. Gan Shihu, project manager in #Vazyme NGS R&D team, firmly crossed all the mountains and find his bread and rose in his life.

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